Bridal Consultant & Manager

How long have you been in the bridal industry?

6 Months.

Describe your dream wedding...

I'm currently engaged and planning my dream wedding for this July. A simple backyard wedding with Moroccan twists. 

What is your favorite wedding tradition?

I love it when the groom doesn't see the bride until she's walking down the isle. I love seeing that pure emotion! 

What advice would you give to a new bride dress shopping for the first time? 

Trust your instincts. It's okay if "your dress" is the first one you put on, the last or the one that is totally unexpected. 

What are your favorite wedding flowers?

Marigolds, more traditional of Indian weddings and are thought to symbolize brightness, positive energy and passion. I just love the pop of color and that they are edible too. 

What is your favorite texture, pattern or fabric? 

I have to say i'm a lace girl, but love all things sheer or sequin too.

What is the best part about your day?

Early morning when my 2 pups and cat sneak into bed. 

What is your favorite place to go or thing to do outside of work?

A day in the dance studio or on a hike.